Thursday, June 09, 2005

Setelah sekian lama menempati ruangan ini..dengan berat hati aku memindahkan blog ini keYeYe's New Blog

Jadi, mampir-mampir ke alamat baru ini yaaa...

dari blog ini, sepenggal catatan kehidupan pernah tertoreh..banyak kenalan dan temen2 baru juga didapat lewat blog ini. Blog ini pernah mencatat banyak kekesalan, kegembiraan, tawa, tangis, omelan, makian dan segala macam perasaan.

Di alamat baru, kita akan memberi catatan yang baru...semua perasaan baru..ok..selamat bertandang ke blog baru..

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Aduh..kayak mauwwmauww..(bahasa centilnya harimau ..hehehe)


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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Dari Jepang

si imut..*_*

ZaiZai's designer brand "Bridegroom" Show

He never buys designer clothes, but in order for him to break into Japan, he got to wear lots of name brands for the very first time, being fussed over by the designer until he was covered in sweat all over and felt dizzy in the head, declares frankly that it seemed like he ¡°was getting married¡±!

ZaiZai Zhou Yu Min, who has only gone shopping and bought a few clothes for himself only twice in the past, accepted more than a hundred interviews from the media in Japan with all the grace of a seasoned general in battle and even had close encounters with Japanese girls. Dressed all in designer clothes, he was charming and stunning, as different from the usually easy-going ZaiZai in the past as heaven from earth.

Shows class and elegance, very unaccustomed to it
This reporter accompanied ZaiZai for this interview on his trip to Tokyo. Seeing the upper-class look the stylists tailor-made for him, mixing and matching 4 different outfits, ZaiZai was enjoying in the midst of it. He said: ¡°I don¡¯t have any opinions, respect the professionals.¡±

One of them was a very formal-looking suit. When the stylist was tying a hand-woven Japanese silk tie on him, ZaiZai got so ¡°tied-up¡± he broke out in a sweat. He changed his clothes, looking irresistibly handsome. ZaiZai, who is euphorically in love, feels that he¡¯s a bridegroom about to walk the red carpet, joking that, ¡°This is so unfamiliar to me, I feel like I¡¯m getting married!¡± Turns out this is the first time he wore a formal suit complete with tie in a public occasion.

One can see that ZaiZai is obviously in a very good mood. He¡¯s got a serious cold and his schedule for interviews is too fully packed he doesn¡¯t even have the time to eat. But he was all smiles nonetheless, answering every question promptly, and would even often tease Da S and speak about matters about him and F3 with humour.

Where before he seemed an idol who¡¯s always kept under wraps and isolated, he is now carefree yet composed, talking and laughing happily. In a span of four years, ZaiZai has gone from the country boy from Yilan, to the Taiwan idol most qualified to challenge Takuya Kimura.

Shows self-confidence, character over gold accessories
In the NT$50,000/day suite of the 5-star Westin Hotel Tokyo located in the Yebisu Garden Place, ZaiZai was having his hair done while Itoh Masaru (stylist of 'The Gospellers' and other popular groups) adjusts his outfit - dark blue suit jacket with a shiny, velvety feel to it, full of class and elegance. Faced with the reporters, he is steady and self-assured, like a superstar who has fought many battles.

When he was just starting out, all questions must be asked and answered through his manager. But now he takes on everything volleyed at him himself, every difficult question he answers easily with his own wisdom. When the topic turned to name brands, he said: ¡°If I wear jewelry or watches I will lose it, and I often lose it, so I can¡¯t buy expensive name brands. A Thai fan once gave me a thick, gold necklace, but I¡¯ve never worn it because I always fear that I¡¯ll lose it, and also it¡¯s too ostentatious.

ZaiZai wears a Cartier ring on the middle finger of his left hand, the style simple yet elegant. He said: ¡°I used to wear a pinkie ring before, for protection against people who might want to do me harm, I wore it until I lost it in the end.¡± The reporters joked that he probably wore the pinkie ring until ¡°all his friends were gone¡±, to which he bantered, ¡°Then it¡¯s good that I lost it.¡± Despite hearing from everyone that there 2 kinds of pinkie ring, gold and silver, and that the effect is vastly different. Gold can cause financial losses, while silver attracts wealth, he still insists ¡°I only wear this Cartier ring for the moment, and I don¡¯t want to take it off.¡± Shortly after, Da S blurted out that, ¡°ZaiZai is copying me lah¡±, she has an identical Cartier ring on her finger as her boyfriend Lan Zheng Long (Blue) as a love token.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Makin Jepang pula!

baru sempet posting segini, trus ditinggal meeting ^_^: besok diterusin yaaah...
bye zaizai dengan cartier ring-nya..(uuhhh..iri!!)

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Makin Jepang pula!

baru sempet posting segini, trus ditinggal meeting ^_^: besok diterusin yaaah...
bye zaizai dengan cartier ring-nya..(uuhhh..iri!!)

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